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12 July 2017:

12 PhD positions in Molecular and Experimental Medicine are available at Humanitas University, Milan, Italy. For more information, see Jobs tab.


Latest News – 1 Feb 2017

Dear Phagocyte Friends and Colleagues,

Registration is now open for the European Phagocyte Workshop 2017, held 17-19th May in Genoa, Italy. This year’s organisers, Massimo Locati and Antonio Sica, have put together an exciting and varied programme.

Phagocyte Workshop sessions include phagocyte metabolism, epigenetics of phagocytes, tumour biology and immunotherapy.

Invited speakers include Sven Brandau, Alberto Mantovani, Massimiliano Mazzone, Carola Ries, Hans-Reimer Rodewald, Charlotte Scott, Giovanni Solinas, Henk Stunnenberg, Zlatko Trajanoski, Irina Udalova, Jo Van Ginderachter, Veronique Witko-Sarsat and Arturo Zychlinsky.

The preliminary programme is available for download from the Workshop 2017 tab. As usual, this year’s Phagocyte Workshop will be part of the annual meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI).

Abstract submission deadline is the 17th February 2017.
Numerous travel fellowships will again be available for PhD students and other junior researchers.
For details on how to register and submit abstracts on the ESCI website, please see the Workshop 2017 tab.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Genoa,




What is facilitates interactions between researchers in phagocyte biology, by listing phagocyte research groups, events, and job vacancies. The site is hosted by some of the regulars of the Phagocyte Workshop, a meeting which is held each spring in a different European country as part of the European Society of Clinical Investigation meeting.

We are from a mix of labs doing anything from basic to clinical research and working on anything from phagocyte development, signalling and responses to the pathogenesis and treatment of phagocyte-related diseases. Most of us work on neutrophils, but the website will be equally useful for anyone interested in the biology of monocytes, macrophages, eosinophils, basophils, mast cells or dendritic cells.

Heidi Welch - Babraham Institute
Attila Mocsai - Semmelweis University

To contact the website, please email Heidi at